5 Ways to Earn Additional Income

Ways to earn addittional incomeIt’s not just you: so many people these days are finding that they are are strapped for cash. Sometimes it’s difficult – if not impossible – to meet all your financial obligations, let alone being able to afford the items you want to purchase or to take your family on a much needed vacation.

Picking up additional income is a great way to reduce your debt more quickly, and there are some creative ways to do so. You can work your additional income opportunity around your life, whether you have a full-time job, a family, are a student or a retiree.

1: Take a Part-Time Job

There are all kinds of part-time jobs out there. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who needs extra money, or a full-time worker in need of more cash, consider a part-time job. Supermarkets, department stores and convenience stores usually have high levels of employee turnover and are in need of help. Schedules can be flexible so you can work around your existing obligations. Of course, the more skills and experience you have the more options will be open to you, but the above-mentioned roles will be suitable to just about everyone.

Sales is another option open to just about anyone prepared to give it a try, and while it can seem a little intimidating at first, you will actually learn some highly important skills if you persevere. It can also be a very lucrative profession when you take it seriously: if you decide to give it a go, read up on sales techniques – Brian Tracy’s “The Psychology of Selling” is highly recommended. If you are on a really tight budget, borrow it from your local library.

2: Use Your Skills

Can you play piano? Are you great at an academic subject such as English or Mathematics? Do you know how to do yoga or are you an aerobics enthusiast? Maybe you’re a make-up artist who can make a happy bride look stunning for her special day, or a computer whiz who can troubleshoot hardware and network issues. No matter what you’re good at, there will be someone in need of your assistance.

Advertise your services and you may be able to earn extra cash as a tutor, teacher or by using your expert knowledge and experience. You could use the free online classified sites to begin with, distribute posters and flyers, and don’t forget to let people know about your services. Go out of your way to do a good job, and you will find referrals will bring you even more work.

3: Offer Errand and/or Handyman Services

There are always people in need of errand services and handyman services. You could offer taxi services for individuals who cannot drive themselves. Or, become a personal shopper. For example, many people don’t have the time to spend buying their own groceries‚ so for a fee you could do their shopping and delivery for them. Or, if you’re handy with fixing things and working with lawns and gardens, offer your services with home repairs and yardwork. Love dogs? Sell your services as a dog-walker or pet-sitter.

4: Sell Items on Ebay

Ebay is the biggest online auction site in the world. Browse through the categories and you’ll see everything that is sold on this massive website. You can get together your unwanted items and sell them via auction – it will bring you additional income and free up some space around the house. If you find you enjoy doing it you could try your hand at buying low and selling high by hitting thrift shops and flea markets searching for underpriced treasures. Ebay sales can be a part-time income or a full-time career based on your level of interest and effort.

5: Arts and Crafts – Turn a Hobby Into Cash

Do you have a favorite hobby? Perhaps you love to quilt, sew or embroider. Maybe you are a painter who creates works of art on canvas, or a gardener who loves growing exotic flowers. Perhaps you like making homemade soap. Any hobby can be turned into cash, because most likely there will be someone who will want to buy what you have made. People love handmade, one-of-a-kind items crafted with love. Sell your wares on Ebay or Craigslist, or try selling at a local arts and crafts festival.