5 Ways to Save Money Around The House

money saving tips for the homeIf we are completely honest with ourselves, most of us could save more money than we already do. A good chunk of savings can come from simple things that can be done around the house, and in turn that money can be put towards reducing your debt faster.

When you make simple changes and take note of the monetary difference, you’ll be surprised at how much it will actually be. Check out these five easy tips for saving money at home:

1. Monitor Electricity Usage

Electricity usage can be a huge drain on your finances without you even realizing it. Look at your current electricity bill. Then, make a list of changes you can implement to bring the cost down. This includes turning lights, stereos and televisions off when not needed and unplugging power-sapping devices like cell phone chargers when not in use. When you get your next electric bill, take a look at how much you’ve managed to save.

2. Cut Down on Cleaning Costs

Cleaning products can be expensive. Go to any store and check out some of the prices on things like multi-purpose cleaners and other cleaning solutions. You can see how these things can add up. The answer? Make your own! White vinegar cleans counters, floors, glass, ceramic and more. And when you combine baking soda with white vinegar you get a powerful fizzing cleaner that, with a little elbow grease, can take the grime right off your tub, at a fraction of the cost of those store-bought products.

3. Skip the Coffee Shop

If you like to stop at your favorite coffee shop every morning, you are probably spending anywhere from $2 to $5 every day. For that price, you can buy coffee to make at home, which will last longer and save you money. If you add up the daily cost of having coffee out as opposed to making it at home, you’ll see the savings it will bring! Nobody is suggesting you shouldn’t enjoy the occasional store-bought coffee, but try to get into the routine of making your own.

4. Cook More Often

Many of us are super-busy with work, kids, and errands… and sometimes it’s just easier to grab fast food or order some pizza. Not to mention if you have a date night each week with your spouse and enjoy a fine meal at a more upscale restaurant. These costs add up. With preparation and planning, you can cook your own meals and save a bundle. Try cooking in bulk quantities then freezing portions for easy-to-microwave meals. Buying in bulk saves money and preparing meals in advance saves time.

5. Watch for Impulse Purchases

Let’s face it‚ superstores like Wal-Mart have everything. You might go in for a few grocery items and come out with far more than you expected. It’s easy to grab a cute new top, tube of lipstick, or magazine as you shop for the items on your list. Resist the temptation, be strong, and stick to the items on your list ONLY. Stores are smart about enticing customers with impulse items but if you want to be a smart saver, write a list and don’t waver from it.