5 Ways to Save on Pet Supplies

Save money on supplies for the family pet with these easy tipsWe all know the value pets bring to our lives is priceless. We also know that the cost of pet care and supplies can get pretty expensive: however, you can cut costs without sacrificing quality when it comes to providing for your furry family member. Here are five ways to save.

Buy in Bulk

If you’ve ever sprung for a regular-sized bag of dog or cat food, you may have been left shaking your head at how fast it was gone for the money you spent. Whether you have one pet or many more, buying in bulk can save money on supplies like cat and dog food, cat litter, enclosure bedding for small and exotic pets, and more.

Costco and Sam’s Club are two warehouse stores with membership cards for shoppers. While there is a small fee for membership, your savings will likely be more than worth it. This is especially the case if you have several cats or dogs who all use the same product. Kitty litter and pet food have a long shelf life, so you’ll more than likely use the products up before their expiration date.

Shop Online for Certain Supplies

In many cases, online retailers have lower overhead – which means some of the savings are passed on to the consumer. In addition, you can use coupon codes to save even more on your purchase. A Google search for the product you’re seeking along with “coupon codes” can help you find these codes, which are entered upon checkout. Some coupon codes provide a percentage or certain dollar amount off your purchase, others might get you a free item or free shipping.

Certain pet supplies can be found for great deals on Amazon and Ebay. So be sure to check these two online selling giants for deals on the pet supplies you need.

Take Advantage of Coupon Deals

If you’re not a coupon clipper, start now! Check your local sales circulars for coupons on pet food and supplies, especially on Sundays. Coupons can also be printed online from a number of coupon sites like CoolSavings.com, UltimateCoupons.com and Coupons.com to name just three.

Some stores, especially supermarkets, will double or even triple coupons on certain days, or if the coupon is under a certain amount.

Consider Pre-Owned Pet Supplies

Some pet items can be scored for rock-bottom prices if you buy them used. For example, if you’re looking for something like a dog carrier, aquarium or kitty condo, there’s nothing wrong with buying pre-owned. These types of items can often be cleaned and sanitized to make them almost as good as new.

Check the classifieds section of your local newspaper and any local pennysaver papers. Craigslist is a great resource for pre-owned pet supplies as well. And, you may even be able to find the item you’re seeking on Ebay.

Try a Do-It-Yourself Approach

Sometimes you can save money by taking care of certain pet care tasks yourself. For example, rather than shelling out money on a regular basis for a professional grooming, do it at home. Bathing and clipping your dog at home is much cheaper than a groomer, even if you have to purchase a grooming kit. If you’re hesitant to approach your pooch with clippers, there are all kinds of instructional videos and even YouTube tutorials on grooming dogs at home.