A Girl Called Jack

A Girl Called Jack - blogs about eating on a very low budgetI was reading an article on the BBC website about a challenge people were taking for the the Global Poverty Project called “Live Below the Line” – which involved participants attempting to get by on just £1 (just over one and a half dollars) a day for five consecutive days – which led me to the story about A Girl Called Jack and her blog.

Jack, a young Englishwoman, was suffering the effects of the harsh economic climate in the UK and struggling to support herself and her young son. Out of necessity she was forced to try to feed them both for just £10 a week. She started blogging about her situation, posting her creative recipes on her site, and in recent months her situation have started to improve quite amazingly.

Earlier this year she became a trainee reporter for The Southend Echo (her local newspaper), and recently Penguin has offered her £25,000 as an advance for publishing a cookbook of her own. She has also been featured in national newspapers including the Telegraph, and last month she was interviewed on the BBC Breakfast show.

This has no doubt increased even further the number of visitors to her site: be sure to check it out, it’s full of useful and interesting articles – and of course there are plenty of recipes for some great meals on an extremely low budget. It’s really uplifting to see someone overcome their struggles so effectively – congratulations, Jack, it looks like you have a rewarding future ahead of you!



  1. Well, once she started getting attention, I’m sure the deals started rolling in for her. Good story, and she was very lucky things worked out like they did. The blog is a treasure, too.

  2. Reminds me of my college days living with three other girls with a pantry full of ramen noodles. If you’re really disciplined, you’d be amazed how little you can live on.

  3. I have eaten my share of Ramen Noodles and can’t say I miss it much. She sure has some extremely creative ways of making healthy meals on her site. Good luck to her!

  4. Good for her! I think I heard about her story a while back and even visited her blog. She was able to feed herself and her son on very little and without buying in ridiculously large bulk amounts. That is what got me.

  5. What a great rags-to-riches story. I’m glad things worked out for Jack and her son! Do you have a link to her cookbook, or someplace that we could find out more about her? I like to see people who are able to overcome difficulties by making the best of bad situations.

  6. Wow! She sounds amazing!
    My family was quite limited too but, if you know how to discipline yourself and be creative, it’s amazing how you can get by! There are so many food items we don’t actually need, there are sales at different grocery stores all the time, there are coupons you can use to cut back on your expenses, so much can be done to save money if you really need to.

    • Absolutely! Since I wrote this piece Jack has really done well for herself. She writes on a regular basis for respected newspapers like The Guardian and The Independent, as well as being a brilliantly outspoken guest on radio and television shows. Penguin published her first cookbook – also called A Girl Called Jack – earlier this year which went to the number one for paperback sales and she has another book due to be published later in 2014. Great to see someone turn their life around so dramatically!

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