Budget Boss: A New Finance App

Budget Boss is a personal finance app for iPhone and iPadI just recently discovered Budget Boss – it’s a relatively new app intended to help you manage your personal finances more effectively.

We’ve looked at quite a few personal finance apps over the last few months and while Budget Boss couldn’t be considered groundbreaking, it is a nice addition to the market.

If you are not already using something similar or if you are not totally happy with your current budgeting app, you may want to consider this one. At the moment it’s only available for iPhone and iPad, and while it’s not free, it only costs a measly 99c.

It’s not overly complicated to set up, and once you have entered your incomes/expenses it’s easy to make short term and long term projections. There are plenty of preset categories included, and you have the option to create custom ones too.

Budget Boss shows your details in easy to read graphicsVisually, it uses color-coding to make it easier to get the information you are looking for pretty much at a glance. The standard pie-charts and other graphs are effective, and personally I like the general look of this app.

There is also a feature where you can enter your credit card balance and interest rate to calculate how long it will take to pay off your current debt, or if you have a target date to have it all paid off it will show you what your payments need to be.

In a similar way, you can also calculate future interest payments you will receive on your savings: all very handy. I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about yet, but I’ve been using it a few days so will update if I do find anything.

You can visit the developers page here, and download it from iTunes here.



  1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll give this one a try. Others I’ve tried have been lacking in one way or another. This one looks promising.

    • I agree. Two I tried were supposed to sync with my checking account wouldn’t. My bank wouldn’t allow it for “security reasons.” Hopefully this one will work out better for me.

  2. I really should look into this. I do keep pretty tight control of my finances, but I usually just bring receipts home to keep track of in my home computer – I never thought to put it on my phone! It would definitely make things a lot easier, as I’m sure there have been times where I’ve either forgotten or didn’t feel like taking a receipt home with me.

  3. This looks like a very professional, easy to use app. It looks like it’d be very helpful for financial organizing.. Going to look into it, looks a bit more in depth than other financial apps I’ve used.

  4. I find these apps to be quite helpful. I tried to tell myself I can do these predictions on my own, I used to write down expenses, incomes, everything, but using an app can really help you out! Never tried Budget Boss before, maybe I should 🙂 Glad I found this article!

    • I like this one, and at $1.29 it’s a bargain. I also like to support the smaller developers when I can. Keeps the big players in the industry on their toes.

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