RedLaser App Review

The RedLaser app helps you compare pricesA key part of cost-cutting is finding the items you that you NEED to buy at the best possible price.

The RedLaser app lets you compare prices on an item, gives you information on the product itself, shows you local retail options on a map as well as online buying options. You can even make a purchase directly from the app itself.

There are a few ways to get the product information and prices: you can scan the barcode (or type in the barcode number if you have a problem scanning), you can scan a QR code, you can type in the product name or you say it out loud and the app will understand your voice (hopefully). So is it any good?


  • The barcode scanner worked well for us – better and faster than most of the others we have tried.
  • With food items you also get nutritional information, and for users who have allergies Redlaser will warn if it has any allergens – very handy.
  • It’s a good way to get a better deal when you are in a store as many will price-match rather than lose a sale.
  • The Redlaser app is available for iPhone, android and Windows phone – and all versions are free.


  • It worked well for us on an iPhone, but we have heard a lot of android users complain of bugs and crashes.
  • Seeing that the app is actually owned by eBay, we do wonder whether the online buying choices are as complete and/or unbiased as they could be.

We found RedLaser to be very good for finding items at lower prices, and getting product information (and reviews) too is a useful bonus. We found it pretty easy to use, fast and efficient but the android download page shows that version may be a bit buggy. There are some other features like loyalty cards that we haven’t tried out yet.

Even if it does not list absolutely all purchasing options that are available, this app is still going to save you money. And that’s the real bottom line. So considering it’s completely free to download, we think it’s well worth trying out – if you have been using this app please let us know what you think!

More information and download links here.



  1. I’ve been using this for a while. I haven’t had any major issues with using it but I have an iphone too so maybe that’s just an android thing? I can’t count the number of times I have gotten a better deal in-store by getting them to price match. I rarely use it to buy anything online but maybe that’s just me. I can honestly say this app has saved me hundreds of dollars so I’m a big fan.

  2. I’m actually an e-bay and amazon seller so I’ve tried all of the pricing apps. This one does work well. If you buy to resell, it leaves off some of the info you need for that but for just consumer purposes it works great. I used it on an iPhone, btw, so I can’t speak to the Android experience.

  3. I have a friend who planned parts of her wedding reception and rehearsal dinner using this app. I saved her plenty of money. I’d recommend this app any day!

  4. There’s an app for everything these days! I’m so glad I was born in the right era! 😀 To be honest, I’ve never heard of the Redlaser, but I think it deserves a try. I have a smartphone, so the worst that can happen is the RelLaser app crashes. No biggie, it’s happened before, I’m used to it.

  5. It still seems like Android users are still having issues with this app, I’m kind of surprised that they haven’t ironed out the bugs with a decent update yet. I’m not using as often as I was when I first downloaded it, but I’m still finding the iPhone version to be pretty stable.

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