Save Money on Gas with Gasbuddy

GasBuddy helps you save money on gasGasBuddy is both a website and a free app for Android phones, iPhones and iPads: that means you can take advantage of everything it has to offer regardless of whether you’re at home or on-the-go. This service has one main – and important – goal: to help you find the cheapest gas nearby.

The Positives

  • You can search for the cheapest gas in a number of ways, including by zip code, city or state. You can also limit the area of search, so you don’t have to drive too far to fill up your tank.
  • Information is always up-to-date, so you’ll get the real-time price (which can change from one day to the next, if not more frequently)
  • GasBuddy tracks gas prices for both the USA and Canada, so it’s great for when you’re on a road trip.
  • You can earn points by reporting gas prices every time you stop to fill up your tank. This is how GasBuddy encourages users to report the prices that are then used to feed the database. These points can then be exchanged for prizes, including prepaid gas cards and other items.
  • The website offers additional benefits to users, including a Trip Cost Calculator (to help you figure out how much money you’ll spend on gas during your drive) and a number of logs where you can keep track of how much gas you buy and how many miles you get for that gas.

The Negatives

  • The prices in the database are reported by motorists, so there’s no central monitoring of the numbers. Instead, users can log in and report what they paid for gas throughout the country. Based on these reports, GasBuddy creates the charts you get when you search. While the numbers are usually accurate, there are no guarantees because of the way the price reporting is conducted.

All in all, GasBuddy is a great resource if you’re looking to save money at the pump. And let’s face it: why would you want to pay too much for your gas?



  1. I have been looking for an app like this for a long time! I typically drive a lot, and long distances for work, and so if I knew the cheapest gas station I could easily stop by, but I don’t have time to drive around looking. A few extra pennies at the gas station really rolls into something big when you’ve got a long daily commute! I’m downloading it now.

  2. Well anything that cuts the cost of getting around is a good thing. I wonder though if gas station owners can manipulate the figures?

    • That’s an interesting point: I wonder if they have any safeguards in place to prevent the system being manipulated?

  3. I love this app and downloaded it a while ago. Sure beats driving past a gas station and thinking oh gee I just spend ten cents more a gallon a half mile ago!

  4. I’ve been using this for a while, it’s saved me quite a few $$ for sure.

  5. I LOVE this! My boyfriend turned me on to it a couple of years back. My only issue (and it isn’t their fault) is the best prices are often on the wrong side of the road and I have to fight traffic to get there. 🙁

  6. Whether it’s driving across town or across the country, I haven’t made a trip in two years without using this app.

  7. Finding a good deal vs. regretting it 10 miles down the road? I’ll take the first option, thank you! Gasbuddy has become very popular, I think it’s a great tool for everyone who owns a car. I’ve been using it a lot too, I love it!

    • I think it’s become popular because 1: it does help you save money on something you need to buy and 2: it’s pretty easy to use and doesn’t seem to be glitchy like some of the other apps I use can be.

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