The Grocery IQ App

Best personal finance apps - Grocery IQ AppTired of carrying little pieces of paper to the supermarket every time you go shopping? Or of simply listing the items you need on your phone without any organization or logic?

A better, smarter way to create a grocery list is to use the free grocery list app called Grocery IQ. Available as a free download for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, Grocery IQ makes food shopping a breeze.

The Positives

  • While you can add items to your grocery list manually using Grocery IQ, one of the best features of this app is the ability to scan the barcodes of the products you buy regularly. Run out of organic strawberry jam? Simply scan the barcode (using your tablet’s or smartphone’s camera and the app) of the empty jar at home and it’s automatically added to your shopping list. This way you not only know you need jam, but you get specific details about the type and size you want.
  • You can share the list with friends, family members and roommates. Forgot your list at home? Ask your partner to scan the products you need and click “share” and the list will appear in your own smartphone in seconds. Of course, this requires the other person to also have the app downloaded, but since it’s free, it shouldn’t be too complicated.
  • The app has a built-in coupon section, so you can save money on products while you’re shopping.

The Negatives

  • You can’t turn off the coupon section. You don’t have to use the coupons, but they’ll pop up every time you scan a product or add an item (and a coupon is available). While this could be a good thing, it could also be intrusive, especially if you’re not interested in coupons or if the place where you’re shopping doesn’t accept them. Not a biggie, though.
  • There’s no way to export your list once you create it into the app. That means you can’t move it to your computer, print it out or access it unless you’re logged into the app.

One more thing to keep in mind: Grocery IQ is consistently mentioned as one of the best grocery/shopping apps in magazines, websites and “best of” lists – considering you can get it for free, why not try it out?

You can get more information and download the app at



  1. That’s a neat tool, it will be especially useful for me. My husband is really brand specific about the food he eats, but for the life of him can’t remember what brands he likes! Now, he can just scan the item and make sure that he picks up the exact one from the store… it will really save me a lot of headaches hearing him complain that he bought the wrong thing again.

  2. This seems like a neat app. it would be useful since I am always forgetting stuff. I probably would even use the coupons!

  3. This sound like a great app. The ‘cons’ aren’t that bad. I have some party shopping to do this weekend so it’s the perfect time to try it out! 🙂

    • True, the “cons” aren’t terrible, it’s actually a good app. It just got a bit annoying with the coupons – I didn’t like not being able control that part of it so I actually deleted it from my phone. It was quite handy though, I’ll have to see if there’s a newer version that has the option to turn that feature off.

  4. Okay, so I’ve been using the Memo app on my phone for months now, every time I think of something I need to buy, I just type it in there. Until I started using it, I used the classic piece of paper and carried a pencil with me at all times 😀 Old school style!
    However, Grocery IQ sounds ideal for me. I’m not very picky, so the coupons thing is kinda great! Beats looking at special offers on each superstore’s website.

    • I used to just use a list on a piece of paper too – only problem is I often forgot to take it with me! The good thing about apps is we tend to always have our phones with us. I might download it again to see if they’ve improved the things I didn’t like about it.

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