Tips for Selling Your Unwanted Stuff Online

make money by selling on ebayThere are plenty of reasons to sell your unwanted items online, the main ones being that you may have accumulated a large collection of things you no longer have space for, or you may be in need of quick extra cash.

Either way, selling your items online can be an idea that pays off, and you can use some of the money you generate to reducing your current debt. The first step is to take an inventory of all the stuff you might be interested in selling.

Things You Can Sell Online

You’d be surprised at what you can sell online – collectibles and antiques are always popular items, however the list is so much longer than that. You can sell toys, clothes, furniture, DVDs, jewelry, electronics, cars, even art or crafts you’ve made yourself. Books are commonly sold online as well. If you have first editions or college textbooks lying around, they may sell for a nice profit.

Gather up your unwanted items in a box. Then, go through each one and write a description of it. What is the item? What are its measurements? What condition is it in? What year was it made in? These are all pertinent facts that will need to go into your item description regardless of where you choose to sell.

Ebay and Amazon

Next, one item at a time, do some research on the average selling price. There are two good places to conduct this research: Ebay and Amazon. When performing a search on Ebay, enter your item title in the “Buy” field, then go to “Advanced Search” and click the box that says “Completed Listings”. You will be returned with results of items such as yours and whether they sold, how many bids they received and their final selling price.

Amazon is a bit different, while you can’t check for completed sales prices you can take a look at items like yours and what the competitors are charging. On Amazon, offering a lower price than other sellers can give you an advantage. If you know your item is going to make a decent profit on Ebay or Amazon, offer free shipping. This entices potential customers to buy from you.

There are some pros and cons to selling online. The pros are, it’s easy. You don’t have to leave your house until it’s time to ship the item. However, there are fees associated with Ebay selling and no guarantee your item will sell. Ebay also has limits and new policies where they hold seller money for 21 days, meaning you will pay out of pocket for shipping if this policy applies to you.

Avoid a lot of hassle, unhappy customers and negative feedback by making sure your item description is honest and accurate. Make sure you pack anything you sell adequately so that it doesn’t get damaged in the mail. Larger items can be made “pick-up only” if necessary.


Craigslist is another option, however you will do more corresponding with customers and they will either come pick up the item or you will take it to them. While Craigslist is popular, some people do not want to deal with face-to-face transactions. No matter what venue you select when selling your items online, do plenty of research so you create a listing that is appealing and competitive.