UK: The Green Deal

The UK Government Funds Energy/Money -Saving Home Improvements

United Kingdom: save money on your energy bills with the Green Deal

Some homes in the United Kingdom are among the least efficient in the world, accounting for a large percentage of the country’s greenhouse emissions.

There’s no denying that there are significant benefits to improving your home’s energy efficiency, and saving money by substantially reducing your bills is one of them. The average UK energy bill was at a record £1,352 a year in 2013, a huge increase from £819 in 2008.

Now, thanks to governmental funds for energy and money saving home improvements, you can experience the benefits of improving your home’s energy efficiency with less personal financial strain.

Making the changes to convert your home into a more efficient dwelling can cost quite a bit of money. Even some of the basic changes necessary to reduce fuel bills and CO2 emissions can easily cost thousands, so up until recently many homeowners have hesitated to act.

The Green Deal
The UK government is now showing that it is committed to helping make homes more energy efficient. It has created a program called The Green Deal: this program provides funds – as a loan – for energy saving home improvements that are repaid through your energy bill.

The loan is linked to the property, and not to the owner personally. This means that if you sell your home, the new occupants take on the loan, since they’re the ones who will be benefiting from the improvements that you have made.

Types of “Green Deal” Improvements Covered
The government funds you can access for energy/money-saving home improvements include:

  • Installing high-efficiency condensing boilers
  • Insulation installation for inside and outside walls
  • Replacing older or efficient windows or installing a secondary glazing on the windows
  • Filling cavities with insulation
  • Sealing gaps around doors, windows, loft hatches, fittings and pipework

Taking these steps may involve a bit of an upfront cost on the part of the homeowner. However, they will be well worth the effort – especially with the introduction of The Green Deal -and will pay dividends for years to come, making them a smart investment for anyone looking to save money in the long run. Of course, these improvements will also increase the market value of a property too.

You can find out more about it all here.



  1. Wouldn’t it be great if we had something like this in the US? Oh, wait, that would be waaay too progressive for the yahoos in Congress.

    • I believe we do have something like that in the US… we get tax credits for purchasing EnergyStar rated appliances, even though that’s more of a monetary kickback to the rating board than an actual environmental initiative. We also get credits for installing Solar panels and I believe efficiency rated insulation in our homes.

      More could definitely be done though, I agree with you on that!

  2. What a great program.. That would really motivate people to make more environmentally friendly choices for their homes. Would love to see more of this encouraged in the US. It really is worth the money in the long run.

  3. I think the idea is great! I too am doing everything I can to save money on bills. One first step one can make into saving more energy is buying A class appliances, such as refrigerators, TV, dishwashers and so on, they consume a lot less energy and it’s totally worth it in the long run. Of course, this is in the European Union, does something similar exist in the UK or USA?

    • Yep, this is actually a UK scheme. It’s a good point you make about purchasing goods that consume less energy. Especially with things like a refrigerator that are left switched on the whole time – paying a little more for an energy-efficient model will save you a fortune over time.

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