Ways to Save on Electronics

tips for saving on electronicsThere are lots of ways you can save on the cost of buying new electronic equipment. Buying electronics can be expensive, because these are often big-ticket items – however with some smart shopping tips you can spend less when shopping for televisions, computers, phones and other gadgets.

Know When to Shop

October and November are good months in which to shop for sale priced electronics, because this is when stores mark down old inventory to make room for new holiday items. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is a great time to buy electronics if you are willing to navigate the frenzied crowds.

Electronic goods are being updated and replaced on a ever more frequent basis, and with the seemingly never-ending advances in technology and manufacturing processes items like televisions, cameras, smartphones and the like have a very short shelf life. By seeking out models that are being replaced by a newer version you can get considerable discounts and avoid paying the-latest-model premium price tag.

Consider Buying Refurbished Electronics

Some consumers shy away from refurbished electronics because they think there is something wrong with them. Refurbished electronic goods have been repaired or updated then re-certified by the manufacturer. So, effectively, they are good as new and under warranty but being sold at a discount price. However, if you opt for buying a refurbished item we recommend sticking to the bigger brands (like Sony or Panasonic for example) who take great care to protect their reputation and are unlikely to try to sell you a dud.

Scratch & Dent Items

An alternative to buying a refurbished product is getting a “scratch & dent” deal. Unlike refurbished goods these have not been repaired for any kind of defect, they have simply received some cosmetic damage along the way. Check with store staff to see if they have any available. The damage is often very minor, but it still means that the outlet is unable to get full price for it – which means a better deal for you.

Floor Stock

If the item you want has sold out with only the floor stock – or demonstration model – left, then you should expect a reasonable discount. However, it’s better to avoid buying certain kinds of items this way: stuff that has been left switched on and functioning all day, every day for who knows how long (think televisions, for example) is not such a good deal.

Buy Online and Pay Less

Shopping online can often save you money on electronics. Because many online retailers don’t have brick-and-mortar stores, their overhead costs are lower – allowing them to pass some of the savings onto you. In addition, you can use online coupon codes to get even better deals. Look for stores that offer free or reduced price shipping.

You may also want to look for electronics on Amazon and Ebay. These are two online selling giants that often have great prices on electronic items, appliances and just about everything else . Another site to check out is NexTag, which will search the Web for the best deals on what you’re looking for.

Reconsider Add-Ons

When asked if you want an extended warranty, you should probably say no – especially if you’re on a budget. These warranties can be rather expensive, and in reality they are more about increasing the retailers profit margin than providing the buyer with a valuable service.

Usually you’ll never need to use the warranty before it expires, especially if you do a little research beforehand on which brands have the highest reputation for quality and durability. This can save you from spending unnecessary money.

Take Advantage of the Information Age

You can find a great deal of useful information on electronics online. For example, you may search the internet and find that a lower-priced brand has received excellent reviews from other consumers. ConsumerReports.org is a website where you can search for ratings and information on all kinds of goods, including electronic items. You’ll find that it’s not always be necessary to buy the most well-known or expensive brand to get top quality performance.