The Yomaney Personal Finance App

personal finance apps for iPhone: YomaneyThere seems to be no end of personal finance apps on the market, and the latest competing for your custom is the somewhat strangely named Yomaney. Like many of the others, it aims to help you keep a track of your bank and credit card accounts, track your spending and bill payment and help you analyze where you may be able to make improvements in your budget.

It offers the usual features like alerts for upcoming bill payments, and allows you to create whatever categories you need to get an accurate view of your spending habits. Visually, it looks pretty good and it’s relatively straight-forward to use.

It’s not a self-contained app though: meaning that you have to upload your personal data to your Yomaney account which you can then access and update via your iPhone or at home on your computer. This isn’t that unusual – it’s the same with, for example – but obviously this does raise privacy and security questions. Although the site does stress that your data is absolutely safe, of course.

The Yomaney app is currently only available for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and the standard (or “lite”) version can be downloaded for free. There is also a more fully-featured “pro” version, which is currently only $1.99 at the iTunes store: I’d recommend trying the free version out first, and if you like it you can then “go pro”.

You may also want to consider the Wally personal finance app – it offers similar features, and unlike Yomaney it’s fully self-contained: no need to upload your personal data to anyone’s website. Plus the fully featured, ad-free Wally app is completely free.

You can find out more about Yomaney here.



  1. being that mobile phones are so, well, mobile – how secure are apps like this is your phone gets lost or stolen? I like the idea of these apps, but I still have security and privacy concerns.

    • One similar app I’ve used doesn’t require signing in with your iPhone. It’s very slick and useful but you bring up a good point, Jennifer.

    • My bank has a mobile app that actually looks pretty promising, but yeah – security issues kind of put me off the whole idea. I’ve lost my phone before, and with these all these apps that contain my personal data it almost sounds like it would be worse than losing your wallet – and I’ve done that too!

  2. Agree with Jennifer about the security and privacy concerns. But it’s got to be the coolest name for a financial app for sure!

  3. Currently, I use a so-so personal finance app so I am more than willing to give this one a try. In response to the other comments and the concerns raised, your phone is as secure as your wallet or purse and it should be protected as such.

  4. I hate uploading personal info online, you never know who’s out there to steal your info, your phone might get stolen, Jennifer raised a good point! and, besides, no matter how much people stress out that your privacy will be respected, we all know that’s never a true statement. Information is power. So, I’d rather go for the self-contained apps.

    • I have to agree. As much as I think this is a useful app, the fear of my data being accessed or stolen made me delete Yomaney from my iPhone. It seems like we are seeing the biggest companies getting hacked more and more often: it must surely be even easier for the hackers to get around the security measures of smaller companies like this one.

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